Can Dogs Have Adverse Reactions to CBD?

CBD has been shown to cause temporary drops in blood pressure when given in high doses, leading to lightheadedness in dogs. This side effect is usually dose-dependent, so reducing the amount of CBD given should help. Generally, side effects for cats and dogs are rare and mild, such as drowsiness, stomach upset, and stool changes. In rare cases, dizziness or itching may occur.

It is important to note that dogs should never be given THC, as even trace amounts can cause disorientation, uncoordination, or hyperactivity. More serious reactions have been reported in some cases, such as slow breathing, decreased body temperature, tremors, and seizures. Research has concluded that hemp-based CBD is safe for healthy cats and dogs. However, some mild clinical signs, moderate elevations in liver enzymes, and benign fluctuations in BCC were observed.

It is not clear if these effects were due to the delivery vehicles or the CBD itself. Overall, CBD is a dietary supplement with a good safety profile and its health benefits outweigh the risk of adverse reactions. Most pet parents give their pets CBD to help with anxiety and insomnia, as well as to stimulate appetite in older dogs. When looking for CBD oil for dogs, it is important to remember that side effects are usually transient and will resolve once the dog gets used to the new addition of CBD.

If your dog begins to show signs of reduced saliva production, you may need to reduce the dose or stop giving your dog CBD for the time being. Additionally, your pet may experience an allergic reaction to CBD due to its hemp plant origin. It is also important to mention to your veterinarian that you are treating your dog with CBD oil and to keep an eye on your pet if they become lethargic or too tired. If the veterinarian's instructions are followed and high-quality CBD oil is used, it is generally safe for dogs. Currently, there are studies underway on the side effects of CBD products on dogs.

In the meantime, pet owners should be familiar with how CBD affects dogs and what is known about how it works. This will help them make an informed decision about whether or not it is right for their pet.

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